Filtering issues with dependencies



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When planning work across multiple streams, filtering issues with dependencies helps to quickly narrow down any potential blockers that need the attention of your teams.

Sample plan, filtering a specific issue with dependencies, and including the dependency chain

To filter issues with dependencies:

  1. In your plan, click the Filters drop-down.
  2. Choose which issues with dependencies to display, using any of the following:
    • All issues, to show all issues included in the plan, regardless of whether or not the issues have dependencies.
    • Has dependencies, to show only issues that have dependencies.
    • Specific issue, to show a specific issue from all the issues in the plan. The filtered issue will be displayed, whether or not it has dependencies. This helps you view any dependencies of that issue, or add a dependency to the filtered issue, if needed.

    As an option, you can choose to include the dependency chain of a specific issue. This effectively filters both the direct dependencies and indirect dependencies of the issue.

    For example, in your plan, you have TIS-1 blocking TIS-2 — with TIS-2 also blocking TIS-6 and PERF-1.

    If you specifically filter for TIS-1, and you include its dependency chain, then the direct dependency TIS-2, and the indirect dependencies TIS-6 and PERF-1 will display in the plan.

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