1. Installing Portfolio for Jira


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  1. 1. Installing Portfolio for Jira
  2. 2. Preparing your planning environment
  3. 3. Creating plans
  4. 4. Managing your teams
  5. 5. Managing your releases
  6. 6. Working with your plans
  7. 7. Customizing your plans
  8. 8. Sharing your plans


The content on this page is meant for Jira administrators. Only Jira administrators have the global permission that's required to perform the procedure below.

To help you set your teams up for success, we've prepared this getting started guide that discusses how to set up Portfolio for Jira with your existing Jira instance.

The guide discusses the typical end-to-end path that users and administrators may find themselves taking part in when using Portfolio for Jira. You'll also find high-level content on concepts, as well as some recommendations and optional steps you can consider, as you flesh out your plan.


  • We recommend that you use the latest versions of both Jira and Portfolio for Jira. See Upgrading Jira applications if you need to upgrade your Jira version.

  • If upgrading to the latest version is not possible, at the very least, make sure that the version of Portfolio for Jira you're installing is compatible with the Jira version you're running. See this page for version compatibility.

  • We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox browsers when using Portfolio for Jira.

Installing Portfolio for Jira

  1. Jira で、 > [アプリ] を選択します。

  2. 使用している Jira のバージョンに応じて、[新しいアプリの検索] または [新しいアドオンの検索] をクリックします。

  3. In the 'Search the Marketplace' box, enter Portfolio for Jira, then click Enter.

  4. [Free trial] をクリックします。サブスクリプションが更新されるまで、数秒間待ちます。

  5. [Get started] をクリックします。

  6. Click Create a plan to start working with Portfolio for Jira.

If it's your first time to install and use Portfolio for Jira, you'll be prompted to take a product tour. You can skip this tour if needed — but in case you have time for it later on, click settings > Get started tour.


Last modified on Mar 25, 2020


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