Rolling values up to parent issues


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For parent issues, you can choose to display a preview of the rolled-up values of the child issues in several fields in a plan. The rolled-up values will appear with a roll-up arrow icon beside them. Note that the rolled-up values are just a preview, and you can still change these values if needed.

You can roll up the following values: estimatesteamssprints, and releases.

Sample plan with team values being rolled up, from child issues to parent issues

To enable roll-up values in a plan:

  1. In your plan, click the View settings drop-down.

  2. Select the Show rolled-up values in fields checkbox.

Rolling up estimates in a plan

When issue estimates are rolled up from child issues to parent issues, note the following:

  • Rolled-up estimate values are rounded up to only one decimal place for story points, and two decimal places for hours and days.
  • The rolled-up value of a parent issue will display 0 if work has been logged for its estimated child issues, and there's 0 time remaining for the child issues.
  • If a child issue hasn't been estimated, its estimate field will remain blank. Since there's no estimate value, this won't have any impact on estimate roll-up on its parent issue.
Last modified on Mar 25, 2020


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