Jira で変更を保存する

If you're using the improved planning interface, this page is for you. If you're using live plans, head to Live plans (versions 2.0 to 2.27).

A plan is a sandbox environment where you can make changes in it, and the changes stay in your plan until you save them in Jira. While you're trying to create the ideal schedule for your team, you can make any changes and move issues around, without having to worry about how these changes impact the work of your teams in Jira.

As a best practice, we recommend that you review and save your changes in Jira as often as possible. This gives your teams access to the latest updates you've made for the work that they're doing.


To review the changes made in your plan, you'll need at least the Portfolio for Jira permission. To save these changes in Jira, you'll need the Portfolio for Jira permission. See Permissions in Portfolio for Jira for more details.

プランのロードマップ ビューで、タイムライン セクションの上にある [変更を確認] をクリックします。[変更を確認] ダイアログが表示され、既定ですべての変更が選択されます。


  • ダイアログの左上にある [変更したユーザー] メニューを使用して、プランで自分自身またはほかのユーザーが行った変更をフィルタリングします。
  • 複数の変更を表示するには、[変更内容] 列の項目を展開します。
  • Select the checkboxes of the changes you want to save in Jira, then click Save selected changes in Jira. All checkboxes are selected by default. Those that you deselect won't be saved in Jira, but will remain in your plan.
  • Select the checkboxes of the changes you want to remove from your plan, then click Discard selected changes. These changes will be discarded from your plan and the values will revert to those currently saved in Jira.
  • If you encounter any warnings when saving changes to Jira, we recommend fixing these first, then try saving the corresponding changes again. See Troubleshooting for commonly encountered issues.

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You can stop Portfolio for Jira from saving changes in Jira by clicking Quit. Portfolio for Jira will save the change it's already worked on, but won't save remaining changes.


Required custom fields in Jira issues

When you have required custom fields in your Jira issues, this may cause problems when you try to save some of the newly created issues in your plan. This is because Portfolio for Jira would not have the columns for the custom fields in the plan itself.


  • Make the custom fields in your Jira projects are no longer required.
  • 必須フィールドが本当に必要な場合は必ず、表示されるダイアログで必須フィールドの詳細を入力してください。

プランにある課題のタイプまたはプロジェクトでサポートされていないカスタム フィールド

Sometimes, a custom field is not supported for the issue types or projects in the plan. If this is the case, and you set a value for this custom field in the plan, you may not be able to save this change in Jira. If you need this change to be saved in Jira, ask your Jira admin to make sure the issue type and project of the corresponding issue are supported. See Configuring a custom field to learn more.

Child issues not saved to Jira

When you're creating a new parent issue and new child issues for it, the parent issue needs to be saved to Jira, so that the child issues will also be saved to Jira.

親課題 ABC-01 と、子課題 TIS-001TIS-002、および TIS-003 を作成したとします。

If you were to select only TIS-002 and try to save that change to Jira, you won't be able to do this because its parent issue ABC-01 isn't saved to Jira.

Last modified on Mar 25, 2020


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