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At any given time, you may need to edit certain details of a team. Whether it's a private team or a shared team, you can edit the following details:

  • team name
  • team members
  • associated issue source
  • sprint velocity and sprint length (for Scrum teams using story point estimates)
  • weekly capacity and iteration length (for Scrum teams using time-based estimates)
  • weekly capacity (for Kanban teams)
  • team type (only if all teams in the plan use time-based estimates)

To edit a team:

  1. In your plan, navigate to the teams view. The teams view will be displayed.

  2. Click more () for the team you're editing > Edit. The 'Edit team' dialog will display.
  3. Modify the details of the team, then click Save.
  4. Save the changes by doing the following:
    1. Click Review changes. The 'Review changes' dialog will display, with all changes selected by default.
    2. Make sure the checkboxes for the team changes are selected, then click Save selected changes in Jira.

    You need the  Portfolio for Jira user permission to save changes in Jira.

  • You can't convert a Scrum team to a Kanban team if your plan is using story points for estimation.
  • The team type (Scrum or Kanban) will have an impact on how capacity is handled and managed in a plan. See Managing capacity to know more.
  • You can also add members to and remove members from shared teams in the 'Shared teams and people' window. See Managing shared teams for more details.
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