Rolling values up to parent issues



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For parent issues, you can choose to display a preview of the rolled-up values (estimates, teams, and releases) of the child issues in the corresponding fields.

In the example below, the values of teams are being rolled up, from the child issues to the parent issues.

In this example, you have the parent initiative TIS-118, with the following child epics: PERF-2 and PERF-6. Drilling down further, PERF-2 is also the parent epic of the child stories PERF-3, TIS-128, and TIS-148. The teams for the child stories have already been selected.

With rolled-up values enabled, PERF-2 is displaying the rolled-up value of Performance Engineering for its team. The same team value then rolls up to the parent initiative, TIS-118.

This doesn't mean that these teams are set in stone — this is just a preview, and you can still choose the teams for the epic and initiative here. You can still even change up the teams of the child stories, if needed.

最終更新日 2019 年 5 月 17 日


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