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You can choose the issue details that you want to display in your plan. These details may include:

  • Issue details that Portfolio for Jira accesses from Jira, like assignees, issue statuses, sprints, releases, dependencies, and more.
  • Any custom fields existing in Portfolio, like target start dates, target end dates, and teams.
  • Any custom fields configured in Jira, like single-line text fields and single-choice select fields. See Configuring custom fields to learn more.

Sample plan, with the improved interface

To display the relevant issue details in a plan, do any of the following as needed:

Adding a column

To display issue details in a plan, you'll first need to add the relevant fields to the plan. These fields will be displayed as columns, and each column will contain the corresponding issue detail.

In the fields section of the plan, click more () > select the checkbox of the field you want to add. The field will be added to the plan as a column.

Setting a value for a columnClick the cell of the relevant column, then specify the corresponding value for it.
Removing a column

In the fields section of the plan, click more () > clear the checkbox of the column you want to remove from the plan.

Reordering columns

The order of the columns in the fields section depends on the order that you add the columns to the plan. We're currently iterating on the best way to reorder columns for future versions.

  1. In the fields section of the plan, click more () > clear the checkboxes of all the columns.
  2. Select the checkboxes of the columns in the order in which you want the corresponding columns to display.
Resizing columns
  • To make the fields display the details you need, resize a column by dragging either end of it. If you resize a column and make it small enough, the column automatically collapses. Click the column name to expand it.
  • To quickly collapse and expand a column, click its corresponding column header. To collapse all columns, click Fields in the fields section itself.

Sample collapsed column in a plan

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