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You can customize the view settings of your plan, to make it easier for your audience to consume the data in your plan. By customizing the view settings, you can make your timeline display the right information, with the right visuals for you and your audience.

In the sample plan below, both group by and color by settings are used at the same time, i.e. group issues by project and color issues by status.

To customize the view settings of a plan:

  1. In your plan, click the View settings drop-down.
  2. As needed, select which settings to use, for any of the following options:
    • Group by, to group issues into separate swimlanes. See Grouping issues to know more.
    • Color by, to color issues using relevant coloring options. See Coloring issues to know more.
  3. Select the Show rolled-up values checkbox, if you want to view the rolled-up values of child issues at the parent hierarchy level.

After customizing the view settings, you can still interact with the issues in the plan, e.g. dragging and dropping issues, or assigning issues to teams.

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