Configuring teams members' availability

Configuring team members



アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。



Portfolio for JIRA provides you with full flexibility to configure the availability of team members. You can see which member is available to work on which team, and for how long.



  1. Ensure that the Shared Team Management permission has been granted in the Portfolio global permissions
  2. [チーム] ビューに移動してチーム メンバーをクリックすることで設定対象のユーザーを選択し、グローバルの空き状況の横にある [管理] をクリックします。または次のとおり実行します。
    • Go to Portfolio > Manage Shared Teams tab, select a team and a team member.
    • You can also go to Portfolio > Manage Shared Teams > People and select a person.
  3. グローバル空き状況のフィールドに入力します。




    例: そのユーザーの入社日。



    例: そのユーザーの契約の終了日。

    例: 有給休暇、病欠、育児休暇。

Once you've configure the person, you will be able to see their global availability any time by going to the Teams view and selecting the team member whose information you want to consult.

A company hires a developer as a contractor for a project with a year contract duration. from 16 may 2016 to may 2017.

  1. Add a new team member to your plan.
  2. Go to Manage Shared teams > Portfolio >  People.

  3. Select the person whose global availability you want to configure and edit the global availability fields.


How to configure teams-specific availability

 チーム メンバーが特定のチームで作業できる日と作業時間を構成できます。

  1. Go to the Teams view.
  2. Select the team member you want to configure.

  3. You can check the teams a person is member of by going to team Team availability section and opening the teams.
  4.  Fill in the team availability fields located on the right side of the screen. 

    開始日The day the person joins the team.


    End date at which the person stops working for the team.

    Weekly hoursWeekly hours the person can work on that team.
    例外Exceptions to the normal working hours.
  5. Add an exception to normal working hours by clicking +Add exceptions, filling the fields and selecting Create.

Once you've configure the person's availability, you will be able to see their team-specific availability any time by going to the Teams view and selecting the team member whose information you want to consult.
If you have configure a shared team member, you will be able to see all the shared-teams that person is available for in the shared teams page.

Mitch Davis is a developer in the Android team. He will be working half days during the year starting on April the 1st 2016 and you need to modify his weekly working hours to adjust the team's capacity.

  1. Go to your plan > team view.
  2. Select Android Team and the team member Mitch Davis.

  3. In the Exceptions section, click +Add exception and fill in the fields.

  4. Click Create once you're ready.


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