Configuring working hours and days


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This feature allows you to set the default number of work hours per day and the days per week that are used by teams when estimates are calculated. Bear in mind that configuring this option implies:

  • Standard weekly hours for people (if not configured for individual members)
  • Import of issues with time-based estimates (conversion of estimates into the plan units) 
  • Apply these plan updates to projects when syncing
  • Changing this setting also indirectly impacts velocity (when using story points) adjustments based on absences, by changing the default weekly hours 

How to set working hours and days

  1. Select your plan  next to your plan name > Configure > Working hours and days.
  2. Define the length of a working day and how many working days your plan will have in a week.
最終更新日 2017 年 11 月 23 日


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