Configuring and filtering the backlog

This page refers to Portfolio classic plans. If you are currently running Portfolio 2.0, please check this link to access the latest page version.

How to configure the backlog items

You can configure the items that are shown in the backlog bar by following these instructions

  1. Go to your plan > Backlog > .
  2. Check the items that you want to appear in the bar.

Backlog column説明
# (Priority Rank)
  • The priority rank of the backlog item. Items get scheduled based on their priority.
  • Name of the backlogitem,maps to the Issue Summary of linked Jira issues.
  • The assigned release as defined in the Release process tab.
  • Blue background: Value is assigned automatically and can change dynamically.
  • The assigned team
  • Epics can be assigned to multiple teams, stories are always assigned to exactly one team.
  • This column is only visible if there is more than one team. See  Releases, teams and member assignments.
  • A list of all the sprints that contain the backlog item.
  • Sets a constraint for the earliest time that a backlog item can be scheduled.
Start/ End Date
  • The first date and the last date that a backlog item is scheduled in the plan.
(Stage / Skill Estimates)
  • Sub-columns of the total estimate (depends on your configuration).
  • Enter remaining estimates per stage of work, or per skill to specify exactly which capacities are required for a backlog item. See Estimates & Time budgets.
  • Available when filtering by epics. This shows the initiative that any epic in the backlog belongs to.
  • Indicates any theme assigned to the backlog item.
Issue Link
Issue Status
  • The status of the linked Jira issue(s).
  • Only available if issue links exist. Shows icons in case of multipleissuelinkson one item.
  • The total time spent on the item, relative to the total estimate.
  • Time spent is calculated based on the time logs on linked Jira issues, either directly on the linked issue or on its child tasks. See Status and progress tracking.

How to use the backlog filter

  1. Go to your plan > Backlog.
  2. Click any available filter to display the available options. 
  3. Search by name using the search field and selecting .

You can find more filters under More.

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