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This page refers to Portfolio classic plans. If you are currently running Portfolio 2.0, please check this link to access the latest page version.

The graphical schedule shows the results of resource calculations and forecasting based on your plan data. It also provides visibility into forecasted release dates. You can access the reports by following these steps:

  1. Select your plan and go to Reports > Schedule.
  2. Navigate through the reports by changing the different view icons.
View iconView name説明
Initiatives viewGraphicaltimeline that shows the initiatives scheduled in the plan.

Epics view

Provides a graphical timeline showing the times when high-level features/feature groups are scheduled to start and to be completed. 

Stories viewProvides the most detailed graphical schedule. It shows individual stories and their stages of work. The view takes the configurable color coding of the stages.
Capacity view

Provides a graphical timeline showing the planned capacity as well as the current resource utilization. If you are working with Scrum teams, the capacity is displayed as story points. However when you work with Kanban teams, the capacity is plotted using calendar weeks. Select any sprint to see a detailed view.

4.You can also change the granularity level in each report by selecting  and changing the grouping,coloring, zoom, and timeline options.

Last modified on Mar 8, 2019


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