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アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


The information on this page is specific to the new planning experience. If you're using a Portfolio for Jira 2.0 live plan, refer to this section instead.

Portfolio for Jira lets you add Jira users as team members in your plan. For each plan in Portfolio for Jira, you can create new teams, choose the scheduling method for these teams, and assign tasks to these teams as well.

The teams view shows you the list of teams that have been added in your plan. In this view, you can perform the following tasks:


The details of a team, which include:

  • the issue source associated to the team,
  • team velocity and iteration length (only for Scrum teams),
  • the members of the team,
  • and whether a team is private or shared.

You can also filter issues by this team to view only the issues assigned to the specific team in your roadmap.

2Create a new team for your plan, where you can make it either a private team or shared team.

Perform other actions for a team, like editing, deleting, and making the team a shared one.

The following features and functionality are no longer supported in the new experience:

  • Virtual users
  • ステージとスキル
  • Individual capacity management
  • The capacity view from previous plans

See Future releases and limitations for more details. If you require any of these features in your plans, let us know via the support link in the teams view.

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