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To link an issue to a parent issue, drag and drop an issue to its parent issue in the scope section. Note that you can only link an issue to a parent issue of the corresponding hierarchy level that you've configured for your plan. This means that if you've configured epics as the parent issues of stories, then you can only link a story issue to an epic issue.

To link an issue to a parent issue:

  1. In the scope section, find the issue that you want to link to a parent issue.
  2. Drag and drop the issue to the parent issue of the corresponding hierarchy level.
  3. In the roadmap view of your plan, above the timeline section, click Review changes. The 'Review changes' dialog will display, with all changes selected by default.

    While reviewing your changes, perform the following as needed:

    • To view multiple changes, expand the corresponding item in the 'What changed' column.
    • With all the checkboxes already selected by default, clear the ones for the changes you do not want to save in Jira. While these changes won't be saved in Jira, these will still exist in your Portfolio plan.
    • Select the checkboxes of the changes you want to save in Jira, then click Save selected changes in Jira.
    • To discard any changes, select the checkboxes of these changes, then click Discard selected changes. These changes will then be discarded from your plan, and the values will revert to the ones currently saved in Jira.
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