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This page refers to Portfolio classic plans. If you are currently running Portfolio 2.0, please check this link to access the latest page version.

Setting the "Working Hours" in a plan sets the default number of work hours per day and the days per week that are used for a team when estimates are calculated. Setting working hours and days impacts the following: 

    • Standard weekly hours for people (if not configured for individual members)
    • Import of issues with time-based estimates (conversion of estimates into the plan units) 
    • Apply these plan updates to projects when syncing
    • Changing this setting also indirectly impacts velocity (when using story points) adjustments based on absences, by changing the default weekly hours 

Set working hours and days 

To set working hours:

  1. Select  Plan > Configure > Working Hours and Days.
  2. Enter a value in hours. 
  3. Select the days of the week that make up a work week. 

The time to complete a task is calculated by multiplying the estimate foritemin the backlog and the number of working hours in a day. 

Working Hours見積もりTime to complete task
5 hours a day2日15 時間
8 hours a day2日24 時間

Set non-working days

You can also schedule a single or range of days to set as days off, or non-working days. Non-working days are a list of specific dates that are global holidays/absences for every single resource. They overwrite other settings such as presence intervals. In the graphical schedule, non-working days are treated like weekends currently and are filtered out. 

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