Adding and removing teams



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Portfolio for Jira lets you play with what-if scenarios, such as:

  • Adding a team member without impacting other plans containing a team
  • Simulating changes, like planned vacations, without impacting other plans
  • Limiting the visibility of the absence and presence of team members, by managing plan permissions

Adding a team

  1. Go to your plan via Portfolio (in header) > View Portfolio > click your plan.
  2. [チーム] タブをクリックし、タイムラインの下部にチーム セクションを表示します。
  3. In the Teams section, click + Create team.
  4. 以下のオプションのどれかを選択します。
    • Create new private team, to create a team that's specific to the current plan, then give the new team a name.
    • Use existing shared team, to add a team that's shared across plans to the current plan. The members of the shared team will be added to the current plan as well.
  5. [追加] をクリックします。
  6. Under the name of the new team, select the issue source to associate to the team.
    (info) To remove an issue source, select No associated source.
  7. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.


You can add members to a team as necessary — this applies to both new teams and existing shared teams.

  1. In the Teams section, find the team to which you want to add a member, then expand the team to view its members.
  2. 選択したチームで [+ ユーザーを追加] をクリックします。
  3. Enter the name of the user you want to add to the team.
    (info) You can also add virtual users to the team.
  4. Enter を押します。ユーザーがチームに追加されます。
  5. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.

Removing a member from a team

  1. [チーム] セクションでメンバーを削除したいチームを見つけ、チームを展開してメンバーを確認します。
  2. In the selected team, hover over the user that you want to remove > click  > Remove.
  3. 確認ダイアログで [削除] をクリックします。
  4. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.


You can rename a team if necessary. Note that if you rename a shared team from within your plan, the shared team will be renamed across all the plans that it's associated with.

  1. In the Teams section, find the team that you want to rename.
  2. Click the name of the team.
  3. Enter a new name for the team.
  4. Click Enter.
  5. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.


  1. In the Teams section, go to the team you want to remove from the plan, and click the  icon that appears.
  2. Click Delete. This will remove the team from the current plan.
  3. Commit the changes back to your Jira instance.

(info) If the deleted team was a shared team, this will not delete the shared team from Portfolio for Jira. See Managing shared teams to know more about deleting shared teams.


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