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You can now plan work for your teams using the new experience in Portfolio for Jira. Check out our documentation to get started.

While using the new functionality, note that some features are not complete yet, as we continuously iterate on the functionality. Send us any feedback you may have via the give feedback icon in your plan. This will help us validate the work we've done so far, towards building the best planning experience for you.


  • You must use the latest version of Portfolio for Jira, which is currently version 2.18.
  • We highly recommend you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. You can also use Internet Explorer 11 and Safari — we've fixed some issues specific to these browsers in the latest version.

Installing the new experience

To start using the new experience, the following steps need to happen:

  • Your Jira administrator needs to enable the 'new experience' beta feature in your Jira instance.
  • Once the beta feature is enabled, the new experience can then be enabled in existing Portfolio plans.

Step 2: Enable the new experience in your Portfolio plan

(performed by Portfolio for Jira users)

You only need to complete step 2 if you want to use the new experience in an existing plan. As long as you've already completed step 1, you can create an alpha plan, which will already have the new experience. See Creating plans to know more.

  • A Portfolio for Jira user, typically the project manager, needs to enable the new experience in each plan they're working on.
  • An existing plan in your Jira instance will not get the new experience until this is enabled in each plan.

Step 1: Enable the new experience in Jira

A user with the Jira administrators global permission will first need to enable the new experience as a beta feature in your Jira instance.


  • By enabling the new experience, the new interface will be available to use for anyone who has access to your Jira instance. However, this interface will have to be switched on for each plan in which you want to use it.
  • Enabling the new experience does not affect any data you already have in your existing plans, and in your Jira instance. The only pertinent change here will be your plan data being displayed in a more intuitive layout.
  • Similarly, disabling the new experience does not impact any data in your plans, and in your Jira instance.
  • You can safely enable and disable the new experience during the iterative phases, if needed.

To enable the new experience in your Jira instance:

  1. Log in as a user with the 'Jira administrators' global permission.
  2. Go to Portfolio (in header) > Administration > Portfolio beta features.
  3. Select the New planning experience checkbox.
    To disable the new experience in your Jira instance, clear the New planning experience checkbox.

Step 2: Enable the new experience in each plan

As a Portfolio for Jira user, you'll need to enable the new experience in your individual plans. Even if this is already enabled in your Jira instance, your plan will not get the new interface until this is enabled in the plan itself.

To enable the new experience in each plan:

  1. Go to your plan via Portfolio (in header) > View Portfolio > click your plan.
  2. Click the settings icon next to the plan name > Configure. The plan configuration page will display.
  3. Click Alpha experience.
  4. Click Enable alpha to switch on the new interface for your plan.

To stop using the new experience in a plan, from the plan configuration page, click Alpha experience > Disable alpha.

While we've released heaps of features and improvements, we understand that you may need some features that are not available yet. If this is the case, you may need to opt out of the new experience while we're building more functionality.

We'll announce new features and improvements as we roll them out in future releases. Check out our release notes for updates. We hope you do opt in again, as we iterate on and release more features over time.

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