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This is the alpha version of Portfolio for Jira 3.0 — your sneak peek at the improved functionality that's just around the corner. As such, do note the following:

  • Some features may not be complete just yet, as we're continuously iterating on these.
  • Because it's an alpha version, the documentation will only be visible to you, our alpha users. You will not find any alpha pages in the usual page sidebar.

We've linked the table of contents below, so you can easily navigate to the alpha pages at any time.

Portfolio for Jira lets you make changes in your plan in a sandbox environment — while you're trying to create the ideal schedule for your team, you can make any changes and move issues around without having to worry about how these changes impact the work of your teams in Jira.

As a best practice, we recommend that you review and save your changes in Jira as often as possible. This gives your teams access to the latest updates you've made in the work they're doing.

Specifically in alpha, there's currently no way to select which issues you want to save in Jira. You'll need to do either of the following:

  • save all changes, so all changes saved in your plan will also be saved in Jira, or
  • revert all changes, so all changes saved in your plan will be reverted to the values that were previously saved in Jira.

Saving changes in Jira

Above the timeline section, click Update Jira.
In the dialog that appears, if you're happy with the changes you've made, click Update Jira.

Discarding changes

With Portfolio giving you a sandbox environment, you may have made some changes that you don't really want to save in Jira. As already mentioned, you can't choose which changes to save from the 'Update Jira' dialog. However, we do have a workaround that you can use in the meantime.


  • This only works for issues you've created in your plan, that have not been committed to Jira yet.
  • By doing this, any changes you're discarding are actually removed from your plan.
  • You can only discard changes from the Team capacity view or Releases view.

To discard changes:

  1. In your plan, click either the Team capacity tab or Releases tab.
  2. Click Update Jira. The 'Review and commit changes' dialog will display.
  3. Select the checkboxes of the changes you want to discard from your plan.
  4. Click Revert changes.
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