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This is the alpha version of Portfolio for Jira 3.0 — your sneak peek at the improved functionality that's just around the corner. As such, do note the following:

  • Some features may not be complete just yet, as we're continuously iterating on these.
  • Because it's an alpha version, the documentation will only be visible to you, our alpha users. You will not find any alpha pages in the usual page sidebar.

We've linked the table of contents below, so you can easily navigate to the alpha pages at any time.

In alpha, you'll notice that the capacity view from 2.0 plans is no longer available.

Capacity view in 2.0 plans, which is currently not available in alpha

The Portfolio for Jira team is iterating on the team capacity function in 3.0 plans. We'll be incrementally rolling this out in future releases.

Meanwhile, in alpha, you have the Team capacity view. In this view, you can create and manage teams and team members, just like how you would in 2.0 plans.


Create a new team for your plan, where you can make it either a private team or a shared team. See Adding and removing teams to know more.

2Expand to view the team details, e.g. the team members and their corresponding weekly hours.

Add a team member to the team, from the users in your Jira instance. You can also configure the weekly hours of the team member. See Adding and removing teams and Configuring team settings for more details.

Note that you can no longer add virtual users to a team in Portfolio for Jira 3.0.

4Select the issue source to associate with the team. The teams you can select from will depend on the issue sources that you've configured for your plan.
5Configure the schedule methodology that your team is using. See Configuring team settings for more details.

Total weekly capacity hours of the whole team.


Perform other team management tasks, such as:

For more details on creating and managing teams, see the documentation for Teams in Portfolio for Jira 2.0.

(info) Note, however, that stages and skills are not available in Portfolio for Jira 3.0 alpha

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