Configuring the scheduling of dependencies



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Portfolio for Jira gives you more control on how the scheduling algorithm ranks issues that have dependencies in your plan.

The following options are available for how Portfolio for Jira schedules issues with dependencies:

  • Rank dependent work item below required item
  • 必須の作業項目を依存する項目よりも上にランクする
  • オフ

To illustrate, let's say you have an Engineering plan, with the following details:

  • Your plan has Story 1, Story 2, Story 3, and Story 4.
  • Story 1 is the highest ranked issue in your plan.
  • Story 1 is dependent on Story 4.
  • Story 4 has a lower rank than Story 1.

In this example, since Story 1 is dependent on Story 4, Story 4 is then the required item and Story 1 is the dependent item.

Rank dependent work item below required item

With the Engineering plan, the work items will be scheduled this way:

  • Story 1 (dependent item) will have to wait until Portfolio for Jira schedules Story 4 (required item).
  • Other work items that have a lower rank (Story 2 and Story 3) may also be scheduled before Story 1.
  • Portfolio for Jira will consider other priorities until the dependencies of a work item are resolved – and only then will Portfolio for Jira prioritize the work item.
1ストーリー 1ストーリー 2
2ストーリー 2ストーリー 3
3ストーリー 3ストーリー 4 (必須)
4ストーリー 4ストーリー 1 (依存)


With the Engineering plan, the work items will be scheduled this way:

  • Story 4 (required item) will be ranked above Story 1 (dependent item).
  • Portfolio for Jira won't schedule any work item with a lower rank than Story 1 before Story 1 itself — unless Story 1 depends on that work item.
  • Portfolio for Jira will basically do whatever is necessary to complete the required work item as soon as possible.
1ストーリー 1ストーリー 4 (必須)
2ストーリー 2ストーリー 1 (依存)
3ストーリー 3ストーリー 2
4ストーリー 4ストーリー 3


Portfolio for Jira will ignore any dependencies when scheduling the work items. The ranking of the work items will be taken into account, with the dependencies displayed in the schedule.

1ストーリー 1ストーリー 1
2ストーリー 2ストーリー 2
3ストーリー 3ストーリー 3
4ストーリー 4ストーリー 4

To configure the scheduling of dependencies:

  1. Go to your plan via Portfolio (in header) > View Portfolio > click your plan.
  2. Click more () next to the plan name > Configure > Scheduling.
  3. In the Scheduling options section, select the dependency scheduling option for your plan as necessary.


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