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This page refers to Portfolio classic plans. If you're using Portfolio 2.0 and later, please check this section for frequently asked questions about Portfolio live plans.

We have collected some frequently asked questions about prerequisites, permissions, and setup of Portfolio for Jira.

If we wanted to test Portfolio for Jira without a free trial, is there a Portfolio for Jira demo we can test out?

No there isn't. You'll need to download and install the free trial. If you install it and create a new plan, there is an option to start with a sample data set, which is helpful if you just want to play around without too many thoughts on configuration or importing existing data.

How long does the free trial last?

30 days.

How do I go about installing Portfolio for Jira to test drive it?

Here are detailed installation instructions: Installing Portfolio

Will adding multiple add-ons to Jira applications be overkill for Jira?

No, Jira is designed as an extensible platform, able to be extended by multiple plugins. As long as the add-ons are implemented according to Atlassian standards, there is no risk for that.

Does the standalone version of Portfolio for Jira integrate with the cloud version of Jira Software?

No, standalone installations cannot be integrated with cloud installations of Jira applications for various technical and security reasons.

Does the plugin has an impact on the performance of Jira?

This depends on the number plans, the size of each plan, and the number of people working simultaneously with Portfolio for Jira. Resource scheduling/optimization is a CPU intensive task, however, the CPU is usually not the constraint for the rest of Jira. If you roll it out in steps (for certain groups first), you'll be able to monitor the resource impact as the installation grows and more people are using it.

Does Portfolio for Jira only work with Jira Server today, or can it be used with 3rd party tools? Can it be run independently of Jira?

Portfolio for Jira is an add-on purely for Jira Server today and cannot be run standalone or as part of another 3rd party tool.

Do I need a computer to use this?

Yes, you do. Support for mobile devices is limited at this time, and we also don't support smart watches just yet.

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