Plans comparison


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What plan should I choose?


Portfolio for Jira+ Jira


Jira Portfolio classic plans

Live connection with Jira

Real-time updates with Jira

Sync sprints with Jira
Keep priority rank in sync between Jira boards and Portfolio for Jira
Epic-story relationship stays up to date always
Inform team and members allocation instantly with Jira issues assignees
Import, integrate with Jira fix versions

Dynamic planning and resource allocation

Unlimited number of hierarchy levels 
Surface Portfolio teams and hierarchy on Jira tickets
Planning for releases - per project and cross-projects



Preview changes before committing or reverting changes easily


Forecast with mixed estimate types (time & story points)

See the impact of unexpected changes on your schedule


Test and edit different scenarios


Coordinated sprint planning/forecasting
Plan fixed future sprints


Manage plan-specific and shared teams
View labels, components & custom fields in plan
View Portfolio for Jira specific fields on Jira (Team, Hierarchy link)
Manage team member availabilities and vacations
Capacity planning and bottleneck analysis
Breakdown work items into multiple skills and stages


Aggregated progress on hierarchy

Aggregated progress on releases
Visual highlighting of dependent items in roadmap across all hierarchy
View original estimates
Duplicate plan

View epic progress without including its stories in plan


CSV export of data


Sharable link to report

Share reports as embedded iFrame

Learn more about live plans

Learn more about classic plans


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