Setting up the planning environment

This page has been written with the assumption that you've already migrated from live plans (any version from 2.0 to 2.27) to plans with the improved interface (version 3.0 and later).

Before using the improved planning interface, take note of the following details:

Target dates being used by default

We're simplifying the experience of scheduling issues by using only one type of date by default — target dates. You can still use other custom date fields that you may have already configured. However, you'll first need to add these custom fields to your plan before enabling the improved interface.

Migrating calculated dates to the new interface

When enabling the improved interface for the first time, you may not see any issues scheduled in the timeline section immediately. This can be due to several factors:

#1 The issues may have been calculated using the scheduler in Portfolio for Jira

If this is the case, the issues will still have scheduled dates, but no target dates. Since target dates are used in the improved interface by default, the issues will appear to not have dates in the timeline section.

However, you can choose to copy over the scheduled dates into the improved interface. To do this, you'll need to:

  1. Disable the interface for the plan. From the plan configuration page, click Planning interface > Disable improved interface.
  2. In the scope section of the previous plan layout, select the topmost checkbox at the upper left, to select all issues in the plan.
  3. From the 'Set targets' menu, select Set target dates from calculated.
  4. Enable the improved interface for the plan. From the plan configuration page, click Planning interface > Enable improved interface.

#2 The issues may not have been calculated or scheduled, before the improved interface was enabled

If this is the case, see Scheduling work to start scheduling the issues in your plan.

#3 The issues may be scheduled, but are just hidden in the 'Issues without parent' section

If this is so, you'll need to expand this section to see the scheduled issues.

Other things to note

  • You must be using the latest version of Portfolio for Jira.
  • We highly recommend you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. You can also use Internet Explorer 11 and Safari — we've fixed some issues specific to these browsers in the latest version.

Enabling the improved interface in a plan

As long as you're running Portfolio for Jira (version 3.0 and later), any newly created plans will have the improved interface enabled by default.

However, for plans that have already existed before upgrading to version 3.0 or later, you'll need to enable the interface in your individual plans. Your plan will not get the new interface until this is enabled in the plan itself.

To enable the improved interface:

  1. Go to your plan via Portfolio (in header) > View Portfolio > click your plan.
  2. Click more () > Try the improved interface. The planning interface page will be displayed.
  3. Click Enable improved interface to switch on the new interface for your plan.
  • For newly created plans and existing plans where the improved interface is enabled for the first time, the following will take place by default:
    • The plan will display issues starting from the highest hierarchy level that has at least 2 issues. If the plan has at least 2 issues at the highest initiative level, then it will display issues starting with initiatives.
    • If the plan has only 1 issue at any level above epics, then the issues will be displayed starting at the epic level.
    • The target start date, target end date, and status columns will be displayed in the fields section.
    • The issues are displayed to fit the width of the timeline, based on the earliest start date, earliest release, latest end date, and latest release of all issues in the plan.
    • You can change these details and settings any time moving forward. See Displaying issue details for more information.
  • To stop using the new interface in a plan, from the plan configuration page, click Planning interface > Disable improved interface.

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