Using the later release


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All projects have a  "Later release". It's a release pool for all items that have not been assigned to any of the other releases.  The Later release has a dynamic end date, depending on the items that are scheduled for that release. It always starts after the last defined release ends.


  • A fixed end date release is completely filled up, some epics or stories could not be scheduled into it anymore. These get pushed back into the later release.
  • A release with a dynamic end date is defined (let's say release "2.0"), but no backlog items are assigned to it. In this case, it is assumed that these items are not supposed to be in the scope of "2.0", otherwise they would need to have a fixed assignment to it. As a result, backlog items with the release set to "Calculate" will get pushed into the later release.
  • No releases are defined at all - in that case, everything is scheduled for the later release as well and you see the projected completion date as the end date of the Later release.
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