How to create a new hierarchy level in Portfolio for Jira



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Mapping Jira issue types to each Portfolio for Jira level

Multiple issue types can be mapped to each hierarchy level. You could map Jira Software stories, bugs, and tasks into custom Portfolio for Jira levels. Keep in mind that this configuration will be applied to all plans.


Before mapping a Jira issue type into Portfolio, make sure that the issue type has been created in your Jira application instance. You can learn more about creating issue types here.

Once you've created your new issue type in your Jira application, it's time to map it into Portfolio. 

  1. Go to Portfolio > Administration > Portfolio Hierarchy Configuration.
  2. Choose the issue types you want to configure from the drop-down menu and map them into to the hierarchy level you want, then click Apply.

    Note: The Epic issue type is tied to the Epic hierarchy level in Portfolio for Jira, and can't be changed.

  3. 変更を保存をクリックします。

  4. Now you can work with the new hierarchy levels in the scope view of your plans.

Creating new hierarchy levels in Portfolio for Jira

You can create as many hierarchy levels as you want in Portfolio for Jira by following these steps:

  1. Go to Portfolio > Administration > Portfolio Hierarchy Configuration and click + Create Level.
    Now you can see a list of all the level names and its Jira issue type.
  2. Type in the name and map the new level to a Jira issue type.
  3. You can remove the level by selecting Remove.
  4. タブをドラッグ アンド ドロップしてレベルを並べ替えます。

  5. You can also rename the hierarchy levels by going to Portfolio > Settings > Portfolio Hierarchy Configuration and changing the level name.


Remember that you can add hierarchy levels above the epic level only.

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