Creating project-specific releases




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Portfolio for Jira allows you to import releases from your Jira applications projects. You can also create new releases and commit them to your Jira applications projects.

You can create new releases within your Portfolio plan by following these steps:

  1. Go to your plan > Releases > + Create release.
  2. Fill in the fields that appear in the new window and select Create release.
    Configuring release dates
    Start Date 説明
    As early as possible The release will start as soon as there are available resources.
    Fixed date Release start date is set to the chosen date.
    Relative to previous release date This option allows you to specify the amount of time gap that you want to leave once the previous release is finished and the work on the new one starts.
    リリース日 説明
    Fixed date Release end date is set to the chosen date. In the graphical schedule, you'll see a buffer if there is free capacity, or it will be shown as overbooked in red color.
    Dynamic release date The release end date will be dynamically settled. The scheduler automatically fits in as many items as possible into the release based on their priority. The release can never get overbooked.

Your new release appears in the main Releases view. The orange triangle that appears at the top right corner of the box means that your new release is ready to be committed to your Jira application.If the releases are not running on schedule, a red flag will show up in the release box.

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