Windows could not start the Atlassian Jira service after upgrade


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After upgrading Jira Software, the Atlassian Jira service in Windows Services could not start due to the error "Windows could not start the Atlassian Jira on Local Computer.  For more information, review the System Event Log.  If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 4."


The common-daemon.xxxx-xx-xx.log contains the following error:

[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [info]  [ 4240] Running Service 'JiraSoftwareNNNNNNNN'...
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [info]  [ 5928] Starting service...
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [error] [ 6608] CreateJavaVM Failed with error [-6]
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [error] [ 6608] The system cannot find the file specified.
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [error] [ 5928] Failed to start Java
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [error] [ 5928] ServiceStart returned 4.
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [info]  [ 4240] Run service finished.
[xxxx-xx-xx 15:56:20] [info]  [ 4240] Apache Commons Daemon procrun finished. 


Jira running on Java 9 or higher


The Java Runtime Environment was upgraded to a newer version when Jira Software was upgraded (or if Java was upgrade manually).  In Java version 9 and later some GC logging flags were removed and no longer supported.  When these GC flags are present in the JVM start up option, the Atlassian Jira service in Windows Services will fail to start.

Starting in Jira Software version 8.20, the installer comes bundled with Adopt OpenJDK 11.0.11+9.  For more information, please see Bundled Tomcat and Java versions.


Remove the following Java flags from the JVM startup options.


See Setting properties and options on startup for detailed instructions on how to make this change.
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