Using JIRA for Agile Development


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Note: This content was created specifically for JIRA 3.x. While most of this information remains accurate for the latest versions of JIRA, some aspects may be out of date.


Extreme Programming. Scrum, Lean Development. Feature-Driven Development. Agile development. All these are methodologies have revolutionised the way we develop software. It helps teams to deliver a higher level of quality code more quickly, more frequently and in better alignment with what customers really want.

While Agile development offers a new way of thinking about software development, its fundamental unit is still a task — and those tasks need to be organised, allocated, scheduled and tracked as they proliferate. That's where JIRA comes in.

JIRA Features

JIRA keeps you agile because it is a lightweight, web-based tool for task and issue tracking. JIRA can:

Best Practices

Here are some real world examples of JIRA being used in agile software development. It's a great place to learn and get ideas when starting out with JIRA and agile software development.

Agile @ Atlassian

We're not a "follow the rules" software company and we know there is no single recipe for practicing agile development. We were once hungry for practical tips, so we thought we should share our agile story... more.

Past Blogs - Atlassian Teams Practising Agile

Atlassian Customers Practising Agile

Agile Plugins

JIRA also has a number of great plugins that can take your agile development even further. Listed below are the most popular agile plugins we recommend and you might also like to see all the JIRA plugins.


The most popular commercial plugin for agile development. Provides a simple interactive interface to manage projects, burndown charts, sprint planning boards and more:

Agile Methods


Integration with Atlassian Tools

With the suite of Atlassian products you can take your agile development to another level. The Atlassian tool set is designed to integrate with one another to help your team collaborate in an agile way:

  • Fisheye - see changelogs for every check-in associated with a JIRA issue.
  • Crucible - see the code-review for each issue you've closed. Or learn which issues are still in need of review.
  • Bamboo - see immediately if a build affecting your issue has failed.
  • Clover with Bamboo - get automatic reports on test coverage and code quality for each commit relating to JIRA issues.
  • Confluence - easy team collaboration to share JIRA roadmaps, workflow, and tasks, Bamboo build success, or to document your work.
  • Crowd - making authentication transparent with web-based single sign-on and connection to your LDAP repository. 
  • IDE Connector - Lets your developers work from Eclipse and IntelliJ.

Other Development System Integrations

You can integrate JIRA with any development system you like, it's just a matter of creating a JIRA extension. Here are some that we know of:

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