Users receiving notifications from issues where they should not receive notifications


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Users are receiving notifications from Jira issues where they are not expected to receive notifications. 

  • The users are not related to the issue in any way

  • The notification helper shows that the user should not get emails from this issue

  • Looking at the email, it is clear that this is a Jira notification and not a Servicedesk notification





Insight can send a notification to users in 3 ways : 

  1. Workflow post-functions
  2. Insight の自動化
  3. User watching an Insight object and hence becoming a watcher on the Jira issue

We need to find out where the user notification is configured and remove it from there. Check the detailed steps for each cause below.  


1. Workflow post-functions

Inspect the workflow post-function for the impacted issues workflow. Check each workflow transaction to verify if the Insight post-function "Email user(s) based on attribute in a selected Insight Object" is being used anywhere. This is the Insight workflow post-function that can send notifications to users. If it is configured, then please remove it and test if the notification is still sent out.

2. Insight automation

Insight can send emails to users from Schema automation rules. Check the automations configured in all Insight schemas to see if any rule has : "Email notification" in the THEN clause. If yes, then remove this clause to see if the notification to the user is sent out.

3. User watching an Insight object and hence becoming a watcher on the Jira issue

The user here is watching one or more Insight object(s) and these objects are referenced in a custom field that is in the context of the Jira issue.

PS : The custom field does not need to be added on the screen of the Jira issue.

It should be present in the context of the Jira issue. In this situation, the user is automatically added as a watcher of the Jira issue because the user is a watcher of the Insight object

In order to fix the issue, we need to find all objects in Insight that the user is a watcher of and then press "Stop watching" on these objects. To get a list of objects,

  • add the Insight custom fields (that are in context for the issue) on the view issue screen to see the objects that are showing up on the issue 

  • now open these objects in Insight and review the watchers for the issues

Alternatively, you can run this query in the database to get a list of all objects watched by the user : 

FROM public."AO_8542F1_IFJ_OBJ_WATCH" OW
LEFT OUTER JOIN "app_user" AU ON AU."user_key" = "USER_KEY"
LEFT OUTER JOIN "cwd_user" CU ON AU."lower_user_name" = CU."lower_user_name"
     WHERE AU."lower_user_name" ='admin'; 

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