Upgrade the Jira DVCS connector plugin in Jira server


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If your Jira Software Server or Data Center instance is connected to Bitbucket Cloud, it’s through the Jira DVCS connector plugin.

Due to GDPR regulations and the personal data protection they require, we've needed to make some changes to the API's that Bitbucket Cloud has available.

These changes have had an impact on the Jira DVCS connector plugin. To make sure your users are not impacted by these changes, we recommend you either upgrade your Jira DVCS connector plugin to the relevant version, or upgrade your Jira Software instance to version 8.3 or above, that contains the Jira DVCS connector plugin upgrade. You'll may need to change the permissions you've given the Jira DVCS connector plugin in Bitbucket Cloud, and reset your OAuth connection, and we've included the steps to do this below.

1. Check and update your Jira DVCS connector permissions

The API changes in Bitbucket Cloud now require that the Jira DVCS connector has the Webhooks Read and Write permission. To check and update your permissions in Bitbucket Cloud:

  1. Choose your Avatar > Bitbucket settings
  2. (オプション) チームに接続する場合は、[管理] のドロップダウンよりチームを選択してください。
  3. Click OAuth under Access Management.
  4. Find the connection you need to check under OAuth Consumers, select  and then select Edit.

  5. Make sure the Webhooks Read and Write permission is checked. If it is checked, you're done! If it needs checked, continue on.
  6. Select the check-box for the Webhooks Read and Write permission to check it.
  7. Select Save. You'll be presented with a confirmation that you're resetting the OAuth token, select Confirm.
  8. Expand the connection to reveal the Key and Secret. You'll need these to update Jira Software Server.
  9. In your Jira Software Server instance, navigate to > Applications.
  10. Select DVCS accounts, and navigate to the account you need to update.
  11. Select  and then select Reset OAuth Settings. You'll see a dialog stating the account is invalid. Select Edit.
  12. Enter the new Key and Secret.
  13. Select Regenerate Access Token.

You've now updated your permissions. You can now either upgrade Jira Software following your regular upgrade process, or upgrade the Jira DVCS connector plugin by following the steps below.

2. Upgrading your Jira DVCS connector plugin manually

To complete this, either upgrade your Jira DVCS connector plugin to the relevant version or, if you've been planning to upgrade Jira anyway, you can upgrade your instance to Jira Software 8.3 and above.

Upgrading the Jira DVCS connector plugin

You can update the Jira DVCS plugin manually through the Universal Plugin Manager. To do this, you must have the Jira sys admin global permission. You need to make sure you download the relevant version of the plugin for your current Jira version.

  1. Download the relevant Jira DVCS connector plugin from this link.
  2. In Jira, go to   > Manage apps (for some versions of Jira, this will be  > Manage Add-ons).
  3. Click Upload app (for some versions of Jira Software, this will be Upload add-on).
  4. Upload the .obr file you've downloaded in step 1.


While Jira may prompt you to reindex, you do not need to perform the reindex for the plugin to work correctly.

Instance upgrade

Jira Software Server and Data Center versions that will contain the upgrade:

  • Jira Software 8.3 and above.

Follow your regular process to upgrade your instance.

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