Unable to login JIRA after Restoring from Backup


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After restoring JIRA into a new instance user is unable to login

atlassian-jira.log に次の出力が記録される。

2015-09-30 23:11:58,628 http-bio-8617-exec-20 ERROR anonymous 1389x36x1 - /rest/gadget/1.0/login [crowd.manager.application.ApplicationServiceGeneric] Directory 'Delegated LDAP Authentication in BASF' is not functional during authentication of 'XXXXXX'. Skipped.


The JIRA Internal Directory's order is not configured as the first or on top. Therefore , JIRA is looking for the user from the external directory


Manually manipulate the database to re-order JIRA internal directory to be on top by running this SQL Queries :

  1. Run this query to check the correct Directory IDs

    select id,directory_name,directory_position from cwd_directory;
  2. If the JIRA Internal Directory's id is 1 ( default ) , run this query to change the directory_position to 0 ( first )

    update cwd_directory set directory_position=0 where id=1
  3. Check to see if there are any other directories using the directory_position=0

    select id,directory_name,directory_position from cwd_directory where directory_position=0;
  4. If there are, any other ID besides the JIRA Internal Directory having the directory_position= 0, then update it to another number using step 2 but replacing id=1 with the appropriate id.

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