Unable to add users to a project role


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This issue is seen when going to add a user to a project role and the user picker does not respond to an input. Along with that there will be no errors in the log file to indicate what is going on. This user picker as of 4.4.x is only implemented in the project role picker when creating a new project, and also when editing the project roles after


This is caused by the default user picker limit being 5000 users, If there are more than 5000 users then this user picker will not respond as per it's default setting. This is a configurable preference that can be altered in the jira-config.properties file as follows. 


  1. First see if you have more than 5000 users in your JIRA instance, if so then proceed. If not then this fix will not solve your problem.
  2. Go to your JIRA_HOME directory. Have a look for the file jira-config.properties, if it is not there then create it and add this line, if it is there then append this code to the file


    (info) This is an example for instances of 50000 users or less, you may wish to modify this accordingly for your instance.

  3. Restart JIRA and test the picker

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