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If a JIRA application is not creating issues or comments properly, begin with the initial assessment, and proceed to the advanced assessment if further diagnosis is required.

Initial Assessment

  1. Check to see if the message reaching the e-mail account. Have your mail server administrator confirm that e-mail sent to the JIRA application account is successfully reaching the account's Inbox.
  2. Check that the Create Or Comment Handler service configured correctly in the JIRA application. Please review Creating Issues and Comments from Email to assess this.
  3. Check that the permissions are set properly. Does the user submitting the issue have Create Issue permissions in the Permission Scheme? If you are having trouble adding comments, make sure your Issue Security Scheme is not restricting the user's access to the issue.

Advanced Assessment

  1. Enable debug logging in the JIRA application.
    1. Go to Logging and Profiling
    2. Click Enable for either incoming or outgoing mail logging and also Enable Debugging, depending on if you are troubleshooting incoming or outgoing mail.
      1. Alternate method: If these options are unavailable add DEBUG level for log packages com.atlassian.mail (for outgoing) and/or com.atlassian.mail.incoming (for incoming)
  2. Send two e-mails to the email address that your JIRA application is checking for new issues and comments. Wait 5 minutes and then submit a support request that includes the JIRA application logs. This can be done from the following menu:
    Administration -> System -> Services

    Example of Service Info

    handler: Create Or Comment Handler
    popserver: POP server - JSP
    handler.params: project=JSP, issuetype=1, createusers=true, stripquotes=true, bulk=forward
    usessl: No SSL

     Remember to check the Attach JIRA application logs box! Also, please note the e-mail address being used for testing and copy/paste the JIRA application service settings for this Create Or Comment handler.

  3. Disable debug level logging for mail on Logging and Profiling

    a. If using alternate method add log package again and set to WARN

Need blackbelt mail logging?

These resources can really help experts and full-time dedicated staff to do root-cause analysis:

説明This page discusses initial and advanced assessment if a JIRA application is not creating issues or comments properly.

Mail troubleshooting diagram

Sources: Mail notification flow.svgMail notification flow.gliffy

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