Sub Tasks Transitions upon Parent Issues Transitioning


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Sub Tasks of Parent Issues will automatically transition based on transitions by Parent Issues. 

(warning) This feature is not available in Jira by default but is achievable using a plugin/ add-on from Atlassian marketplace.

Plugin Required

The plugin/add-on you would need is called : JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions


  1. Install the add-on from Atlassian Marketplace from your JIRA instance.
     Installing Marketplace apps
  2. Navigate to your workflow transition page. Locate the appropriate status and open it. Go to the post functions tab and click on add post function.
  3. A list of additional post functions will be available from the JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions add-on.
  4. Select Transition linked issues and click next.
  5. On the Transition(s) field , enter the transition ID number of the appropriate parents status which can be viewed at your workflow. 
  6. On the Issue Link field, select jira_subtask_outward or is Parent of (from issue to subtasks) and click on update.

Success ! Your Sub-tasks will now transition according to the parent issue for this specific transition. Repeat the steps for other transitions if necessary. 

Last modified on Mar 1, 2019


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