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When starting a sprint you receive a warning regarding scope change for sub tasks

After upgrading Agile you now start receiving the following warning message when you did not in the past.


Issues xx-xxx, xx-xxx and 6 others do not have a value for the 'Estimate' field.  Values entered after the start of the sprint will be treated as a scope change.


This issues referred to in this case will be sub tasks which should not have a time estimate.


This is caused by the sub task issue type being associated with the story point field.  The more common configuration would be to have 'issue type global ( all issues) selected for story points. The default behavior for the "Story Points" field only includes the issue types of "Story", "Epic" (and in newer releases "Task").


Go into custom fields by typing g+g while logged in as an admin.  Find the story points field and hit configure.  On the next screen click on edit configuration.  From the 'Choose applicable issue types' select Epic and Story and any other relevant types other than Sub task.


最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 26 日


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