Service Management Agents will be treated as customers by Jira Service Management


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


プラットフォームについて: Server と Data Center のみ - この記事は、サーバーおよびデータセンター プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


Sometime Jira Service Management notification, automation and SLA did not work as expected for example:


If SLA Comment:For Customer condition is used to stop the SLA. It will not be triggered if an Agent add any comment in Jira and share it with Customer.


Jira Service Management agents do not receive notifications of internal comments, even when @mentioned on the issue as discussed in here.


Automation does not trigger when some condition is used.

Example in:

JSDSERVER-3390 - 課題情報を取得中... ステータス

On above example, the automation did not run since it did not matched User is not a customer conditions.


Based on the problem above, the cause of it is because Service Management Agents are treated as a customer persona and not as an Agent if one of below is met:

  • The Agent is the issue reporter.
  • The Agent is a request participant on the ticket.
  • The Agent is a member of the organization which the ticket is shared with.
  • The Agent is an approver of the request.

This behavior is an expected behavior for Jira Service Management. If an agent is added in one of above role it will automatically take on the customer persona.

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Last modified on Mar 30, 2021


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