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About Atlassian

Vendor Name


Australian Office Location (HQ)

Level 6, 341 George St
Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

American Office Locations

1098 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103
303 Colorado Street
Suite 1600
Austin, TX 78701

European Office Locations

Singel 236
1016 AB Amsterdam

Japanese Office Locations

22F Shibuya Mark City West
1-12-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0043

Does your company, have a stable financial background and profile? 

We like to think so! Also, here is  CNBC's profile on Atlassian

Does your company have satisfied customers who can provide you with a reference? If yes, provide details.

Yes. We have lots of customer  case studies  and  voice of the customer interviews and references are often available on request.

Please provide your number of employees/consultants/developers.

3,500+ employees and growing daily!

Please give a brief overview of your company’s history.

From  About us :
  • Co-CEOs started the company in college with a $10,000 credit card
  • 14 years of making kickass software
  • 107,000+ customers using our products

  • 6 offices in 5 countries

  • Recorded $103 million in revenue in 2011, without one salesperson 
  • Profitable since founding in 2002—44 quarters of profitability
  • Compounded annual growth rate of 47 percent for five straight years
  • 100 million donated in Community licenses
  • 1% donated of all profits, employee time, and equity
  • Top clients include Facebook, NASA, Netflix, Twitter, Audi, LinkedIn, Netflix, Zynga, eBay, DowJones, BMW, and Nike. See more at  atlassian.com/customers .

Atlassian Products

For detailed descriptions and overviews of all of Atlassian's software development and collaboration tools visit our website.

Plan, Track, & Support
Jira Software Plan, track, and release world-class software with the #1 software development tool used by agile teams.
Jira Service DeskGive your customers an easy way to ask for help and your agents a fast way to resolve incidents.
Jira Core

Manage any business project including marketing campaigns, HR onboarding, approvals and legal document reviews.


Incidents happen. Keep your users informed and ditch the flood of support emails during downtime.

TrelloCollaborate and get more done. Trello boards enable your team to organize projects in a fun, flexible, and visual way.
Collaborate & Chat
ConfluenceSpend more time getting things done. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.

Self-hosted team communication, built for the enterprise. Group chat, video, and screen sharing. 


The complete communication solution that empowers teams to talk less and do more. Group messaging, video meetings, and collaboration tools.

Code, Build, & Ship
BitbucketCollaborate on code and manage your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team.
BambooContinuous integration, deployment, and release management.

Search, monitor, and track across SVN, Git, and Perforce repositories.


Find bugs and improve code quality through peer code review.



The single sign-on and identity management tool that's easy to use, administer, and integrate.

Jira Software Supported Platforms

About JIRA Supported Platforms

See this information in documentation.

Before installing JIRA, make sure you have the right software and infrastructure to run it. If a platform and version is not listed on this page, it means we don't test it, fix bugs or provide assistance for it.

This page is for JIRA 7.8. If you're looking for a different version, select it at the top-right.


(tick) サポート対象 - このプラットフォームで Jira 7.8 を使用できます。

(info) 制限付き - このプラットフォームで Jira 7.8 を評価できますが、本番サイトを実行することはできません。 

(warning) 非推奨 - このプラットフォームのサポートは、今後のリリースで終了する予定です。

関連情報 :


Oracle JRE / JDK:

(tick) Java 8


  • Critical Patch Update (CPU) リリースの使用をお勧めします。
  • Jira に JRE がバンドルされているため、Windows Installer または Linux Installer を使用する場合、Java のインストールは不要です。 


オペレーティング システム:

(tick) Microsoft Windows

(tick) Linux / Solaris

(info) Mac OS X

(tick) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

(tick) Microsoft Azure


  • JIRA は純粋に Java ベースのアプリケーションであり、JDK / JRE の要件が満たされている限りサポート対象のすべてのオペレーティングシステム上で動作します。

Microsoft Windows:

Linux / Solaris:

AWS / Azure:

  • If you’re creating your own deployment in AWS or Azure, you can use any configuration (e.g. OS or database) that’s supported both by JIRA and AWS/Azure.
  • If you’re using our reference templates, you will deploy a pre-configured environment, with some level of customizations available. For more info on our templates, see JIRA Data Center on AWS or JIRA Data Center on Azure.


デスクトップ ブラウザー:

(tick) Chrome (最新の安定バージョン)

(tick) Internet Explorer 11

(tick) Microsoft Edge 

(tick) Mozilla Firefox (最新の安定バージョン) 

(tick) Safari (Mac OS X でのみ) (最新の安定バージョン)

モバイル ブラウザー:

(tick) Chrome (最新の安定バージョン)

(tick) Safari (iOS のみ) (最新の安定バージョン)

(tick) Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) 


  • 画面解像度 1024 x 768 以上(ブラウザ ウィンドウ最大化時)をサポートしています。

Internet Explorer:

  • Internet Explorer で互換表示が動作しません。


  • モバイル デバイスでモバイル ビューを使用すると、Jira のみを表示できます。ネイティブ アプリは Cloud サイトでのみ使用できます。



(tick) PostgreSQL 9.6

(tick) PostgreSQL 9.5

(tick) PostgreSQL 9.4

(tick) PostgreSQL 9.3


(tick) MySQL 5.7 

(tick) MySQL 5.6

(tick) MySQL 5.5 


(tick) Oracle 12c R1

Microsoft SQL Server:

(tick) SQL Server 2014

(tick) SQL Server 2012

Microsoft Azure:

(tick) Azure SQL


(info) H2 (評価専用)


Jira は 9.4 JDBC ドライバでテストおよびバンドル化されています。PostgreSQL バージョン用の最新の JDBC ドライバを使用することもできますが、ご利用のバージョンの Jira で機能するかどうかは保証されません。別の JDBC ドライバを使用する方法:

  1. JIRA インスタンスを停止します。
  2. <JIRA_INST>/lib/ からバンドルされているドライバを削除します。
  3. 最新のドライバをダウンロードして、<JIRA_INST>/lib/ に配置します。
  4. JIRA インスタンスを再起動します。


  • Jira は以下の環境では動作しません。
    • 4 バイト文字 (MySQL のバージョンを問わない)
    • MariaDB または PerconaDB
  • MySQL は strict モードで実行することをお勧めします。
  • サポート対象の MySQL データベースは MySQL Connector/J 5.1 ドライバを使用します。


  • Jira は以下の環境では動作しません。
    • Oracle Advanced Compression Option (ACO)
  • サポート対象の Oracle データベースは、ここに記載されている ドライバを使用します。 

Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Jira は以下の環境では動作しません。
    • Microsoft SQL Server の Express エディション
  • サポートされている Microsoft SQL データベースは Microsoft JDBC 6.2.1 ドライバを使用します。

Microsoft Azure:


  • Jira には、組み込みのデータベース (H2) が付属しています。 



  • NFS mounts are supported only for JIRA Data Center's shared home directory. They won't work for Server, or DC's local home directory due to Lucene requirements. Read the IndexWriter docs for more information. 
  • x86 ハードウェアおよび x86 ハードウェアの 64 ビット版で動作する Jira のみをサポートしています。
  • Jira は呼び出したユーザとして実行されるため、そのことを利用して悪用される潜在的な可能性があります。このため、アーカイブ ファイルから Jira をインストールする場合、Jira を実行するオペレーティング システム上に専用のユーザ アカウントを作成します。


  • VMware は「オペレーティング システム」に記載されているオペレーティング システムのすべてをサポートします。
  • 弊社では VMware の製品自体についてはサポートを提供していません。
  • VMware を設定する方法の詳細については、「Jira の仮想化」を参照してください。

アプリケーション サーバー

  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.6 をサポートしています。 
  • 単一の Tomcat コンテナに複数の Atlassian アプリケーションをデプロイすることはサポートしていません。 

インターネット プロトコル (IP)

  • IPv4 をサポートしています。
  • We don't support IPv6 (see  JRASERVER-36676 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).

外部ユーザー ディレクトリ

以下の LDAP ディレクトリでユーザを管理することができます。

  • Apache Directory Server 1.0.x
  • Apache Directory Server 1.5.x
  • Apple Open Directory (読み取り専用)
  • FedoraDS(読み取り専用 Posix Schema)
  • Generic Directory Server
  • Generic Posix/RFC2307 ディレクトリ (読み取り専用)
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Novell eDirectory サーバ
  • OpenDS
  • Open LDAP
  • Open LDAP(読み取り専用 Posix Schema)
  • Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition


  • SMTP サーバーはマルチパート コンテンツ タイプをサポートする必要があります。

General Jira Software Information

Does Jira Software support...Yes/No/Other More Information 
Defect tracking?はいJira Software product overview

Using Jira Software as an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Jira Service Desk -ITSM software


Jira Software for Agile teams

Waterfall?はいHow to use Jira Software to manage Waterfall projects?
Knowledge base?はいUsing Jira Software for a Knowledge Base (Integration with Confluence)
Change management?はいUsing Jira Software for Change Management
Customer Relationship Management?その他Using Jira Software for Customer relationship management (CRM)
Helpdesk / support?はい

Jira Service Desk

Project Management?はいUsing Jira Software for Project Management
Requirements management?はいUsing Jira Software for Requirements Management
Resource / portfolio management?はいUsing Jira Software for Resource or Portfolio Management
System Administration?はいUsing Jira Software for System Administration (Jira Service Desk)
Test case management?はいUsing Jira Software for Test Case Management
Asset management?はい
Time tracking?はいConfiguring Time Tracking
Allowing maximum attachment sizes?はいConfiguring File Attachments 
Other applications as "trusted applications?"はいアプリケーション リンクの構成 
Setup to whitelist certain URL's?はいホワイトリストの設定 
Hosting option: Behind the Firewall (BTF) / Self-hosted / Serverはい
Hosting option: SaaS / Hosted / Cloudはい
Access to source code?Yes (Server only)How is Jira Server licensed?
White Label?いいえEnd User Agreement section 4.6

(info) Atlassian Cloud アプリケーションの機能制限

Licensing and Purchasing

Licensing question回答More Information
What is the price of Jira Server?User tier basedServer pricing details
What is the price of Jira Cloud?User tier basedCloud pricing details   
Do you have unlimited license option?Yes (Server only)Server pricing details
Is there a maintenance renewal cost for Jira Server?はいHow much is it to renew my Jira software maintenance?
Product demoその他
Implementation assistanceその他By Atlassian Experts 
Do Jira Service Desk licenses count towards Jira Software licenses?いいえ

(info) Jira Software Licensing and Pricing FAQ

Jira Software Projects

Does Jira Software support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Tracking of defects?はいSimple Issue Tracking Project
Tracking of software projects?はいSoftware Development Project
Specified roles and permissions for users on a per project basis?はいManaging Project Role Membership
Sub-level of a project?はいDefining a Component
Organizing of projects into releases?はい Managing Versions 
Can existing Jira Software projects be converted to Jira Service Desk projects?はいSee Convert a project type


Can Jira Software...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Allow users to be managed in groups?はいグループの管理
Allow users to have different roles between projects?はいManaging Project Roles
Connect to an LDAP Directory?はい

LDAP ディレクトリへの接続

Identity Manager

Allow SSL connection to Active Directory?Yes (Server only)Active Directory への SSL 接続の設定
Connect to multiple types of directories simultaneously?Yes (Server only)複数のディレクトリの管理
Synchronize data from external directories?Yes (Server only)外部ディレクトリのデータの同期
Allow for nested user groups?はい入れ子グループの管理
Facilitate User Management for other Applications?はいAllowing Other Applications to Connect to Jira for User Management
Provide visibility in who is currently accessing it?Yes (Server Only)Viewing User Sessions
Allow for company enforced password policies?はい

Password Policy for JIRA

Allow for public signup and CAPTCHA?はいEnabling Public Signup and CAPTCHA
Allow for issue-level security?はいConfiguring Issue-level Security
Allow for permissions for a user on a per-project level?はいManaging Project Permissions
Allow for permissions to be set on a 'global' level?はいManaging Global Permissions
Allow for secure administrator sessions?はい安全な管理者セッションを設定する
Setting custom password policy?はい

Password Policy for Jira Software

Atlassian Access - Password policies (Cloud)

Fields and Screens

Can Jira Software...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Allow for different types of Issues?はいDefining 'Issue Type' Field Values
Allow for different types of Priorities of Issues?はいDefining 'Priority' Field Values
Allow for different types of Resolution of Issues?はいDefining 'Resolution' Field Values
Allow for different types of Statuses of Issues?はいDefining 'Status' Field Values
Allow for Custom Fields?はいConfiguring a Custom Field?
Allow for descriptions for the Custom Fields?はいCreating Help for a Custom Field
Allow for a field to be designated as optional, required, hidden or visible?はいSpecifying Field Behaviour
Associate different fields with different Issue Types?はいAssociating Field Behaviour with Issue Types
Can Jira allow for fields to be grouped together as a Screen?はいDefining a Screen
Can Screens be associated with a workflow transition?はいAssociating a Screen with an Issue Operation


Can Jira Software...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Allow a project to follow a custom Workflow?はいConfiguring Workflow
Allow a Workflow from one project be enabled in another project?はいActivating Workflow
Workflow for Approval processes through the Workflow?はいAdvanced Workflow Configuration
Allow different workflows based on different issue types in the same project?はいConfiguring Workflow Schemes
Notify people if a specific action has happened?はいAdding a Custom Event
Allow a workflow be shared between two different installations of Jira?はいSharing your Workflow
Download pre-configured workflows?はいSharing your Workflow - Importing from Atlassian Marketplace


Can Jira Software...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Send an Email Notification based on an issue's operation?はい Configuring Email Notifications 
Connect to my email server for outbound email? はい Configuring Jira Software SMTP Mail Server to Send Notifications 
Send different types of notifications based on projects?はい Creating a Notification Scheme 
Send customized emails?Yes (Server Only)Customising Email Content 
Allow for issues to be created and updated via email?はい Creating Issues and Comments from Email 
Connect to a POP or IMAP mail server for inbound email?はい 

Configuring Jira Software to Receive Email from a POP or IMAP Mail Server

Using Gmail as a Jira Software Mail Server

Migrating from other Issue Trackers

Can Jira Software...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Import data from Bugzilla?Yes (Server Only)Importing Data from Bugzilla 
Import data from FogBugz for Your Server?Yes  (Server Only)Importing Data from FogBugz for Your Server 
Import data from FogBugz On Demand?Yes (Server Only)Importing Data from FogBugz On Demand 
Import data from Manits?Yes (Server Only)Importing Data from Mantis 
Import data from Pivotal Tracker?Yes  (Server Only)

Importing Data from Pivotal Tracker 

Import data from Trac?Yes  (Server Only)Importing Data from Trac 
Import data from CSV?はい Importing Data from CSV 
Import data from JSON?Yes (Server Only)Importing Data from JSON 
Import data from RedMine?Yes (Server Only)Importing Dating from Redmine 
Import data from Asana?Yes (Server Only)Asana からのデータのインポート

(info) You can use evaluation version for Jira Server (free) to import your data with an importer available for Server only and then migrate your Jira Server data to Jira Cloud.

Backup and Archiving

Can Jira Software...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Hide a project that is no longer relevant, while retaining historical records?はいArchiving a Project - Hiding a Project
Split a large instance into several Jira Software instances, with particular projects in each?はいSplitting a Jira Software Instance
Restore a single project from a backup file into a Jira Software instance?はいRestoring a Project from Backup
Restore an entire Jira Software instance from a backup into a new empty Jira Software instance?はいRestoring Data

Agile functionality in Jira Software

Does Jira Software support...Yes/No/Other 更に詳しく 
Access to Boards to plan, work and report on Agile work?はい Using a Board 
Scrum Methodology?はい ボードの作成
Kanban Methodology?はいボードの作成
Board to reflect multiple Jira Software Projects for a Program or Portfolio view?はいConfiguring Filters
Estimation in Story Points?はい課題を見積もる
Estimation in time?はい見積統計を設定する
Multiple sprints at once?はいWorking with Sprints
Drag and drop prioritization for Sprint Planning and Backlog Grooming?はいUsing Plan Mode
Drag and drop linking to Epics?はいエピックに課題を追加する
Drag and drop linking to Releases?はいバージョンに課題を追加する
Customizing columns for a Work in Progress Board?はいConfiguring Columns
Setting maximums for columns for a Work in Progress Board?はい列の制約の設定
Swimlanes in a Work in Progress Board?はいConfiguring Swimlanes
Columns in a Work in Progress Board to associate with a workflow status?はいMapping Columns to Jira Statuses
Columns in a Work in Progress Board to associate with a resolution status?はい課題のトランジション
Burndown reports for Scrum boards?はいバーンダウン チャートの表示
Release reports for Scrum boards?はいバージョンレポートを表示する
Sprint Reports for Scrum boards?はいスプリントレポートの表示
Epic Reports for Scrum boards?はいエピックレポートの表示
Cumulative flow reports for Scurm or Kanban boards?はいViewing the Cumulative Flow Chart
Control charts for Scrum or Kanban boards?はい管理チャートの表示

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a plugin and extends the functionality of Jira.  For custom workflows, issue types, issue search, etc. see Jira sections above.

Does Jira Service Desk support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Agent based pricing? (who is an agent?)

No - for 1.0
Yes - for 2.0

New pricing model for Jira Service Desk 2.0 FAQ
Free Service Desk customers? (who is a customer?)No - for 1.0
Yes - for 2.0
New pricing model for Jira Service Desk 2.0 FAQ 
Anonymous users?いいえService Desk customers, although free (no license necessary), must have an account with login credentials.
All deployment options (Server, Cloud, Data Center)?Server and Cloud onlyWe are working on Data Center compatibility at the moment.
Asset management?はいFree ebook: Jira Service Desk’s guide to asset management
Email a request into a Service Desk?はいメールでリクエストを受け取る
Easy to use customer facing site for submitting Service Desk issues?はいカスタマーポータルを設定する
Customization of the Customer Portal?はいカスタマーポータル設計のベストプラクティス

Multiple support portals with a single license?

はいSetting up multiple portals
Restricting Customer Portal access to select group of customers?はいサービスデスクへのアクセスの許可または制限を行う
Customers viewing tickets across an organization?いいえ
Feature Request: JSD-270 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Automation of workflow transitions, assignment, and notificationsはいサービスデスクを自動化する
Custom SLAs?はいSLAs
Custom agent queues?はいサービスデスク チーム向けキューの作成
Does Jira Service Desk support self-service, ticket deflection, and knowledge base?その他Providing self-help resources for your customers with a knowledge base
Public REST API?いいえ
Feature Request: JSD-107 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Adding participants to requests?はいリクエストに参加する人を追加する
Integration with schedules/calendars to route tickets to available agents?いいえ

Jira Portfolio

Does Jira Portfolio support...Yes/No/OtherMore Information
 (info) coming soon

Jira Software Integration with Source Control System

質問Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Can Jira Software integrate with StashはいIntegrating Jira Software with Stash
Can Jira Software integrate with BitbucketはいIntegrating Jira Software with Bitbucket
Can Jira Software integrate with GithubはいIntegrating Jira Software with Githhub
Can Jira Software integrate with GitはいInegrating Jira Software with Git
Can Jira Software integrate with Fisheye?はい Integrating Jira Software with Fisheye 
Can Jira Software integrate with CVS and ViewCVS?はい Integrating Jira Software with CVS and ViewCVS 
Can Jira Software integrate with Subversion?はい Integrating Jira Software with Subversion 
Can Jira Software integrate with Perfoce?はい Integrating Jira Software with Perforce

Jira Software Integration with a build management system

質問Yes/No/OtherMore Information
Can Jira Software integrate with Bamboo?はいIntegrating Jira Software with Bamboo
Can Jira Software integrate with Jenkins?はいIntegrating Jira Software with Jenkins

Top 10: Feature Requests

キー 概要 T Status

Top 10: Known Issues

キー 概要 T Status

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