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By default, the groups administratorsjira-servicedesk-users, and site-admins are granted the Product Access to Jira Service Management. As you may have admins who do not require agent license, you might want to have these users remain as admins but not consume any agent license. Due to the recent update, Trusted users are granted the Product Access too.

Therefore, we need to manually remove the groups which do not require any Product Access to Jira Service Management


Scenario 1: Default users are granted Product Access by default

  1. Go to User Management > Site Settings > Product Access
  2. Choose the group which does not require the Product Access
  3. Click on the (...) option and Remove group

Scenario 2: Trusted users are granted Product Access

Trusted users role give users more responsibility and access. These users will be able to install and configure new products on your site and invite new users themselves. It is not possible to remove Product Access for Trusted users. If a user is given a Trusted user role, the user would have Product Access to all products. A feature request  ID-6675 - Getting issue details... STATUS  was raised to allow configuring Product Access for Trusted users. As a workaround, you can perform the below: 

  1. Change the user role from Trusted to Basic.
  2. Add the user to the groups which grant the user the required Product Access.

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