Project Import fails due to no email address when creating users


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During a project import, the following types of users are considered mandatory for a project to be imported and will be created if not present:

  • reporter, assignee, component lead, or project lead.

If these users do not have a valid email associated with them the import will fail because these users cannot be created. 


2021-03-02 06:32:18,580+0000 JiraTaskExecutionThread-116 INFO clevine 392x40945x1, /secure/admin/ProjectImportSummary.jspa [c.a.j.imports.project.DefaultProjectImportService] Creating missing users. Attempting to create 34 users.
2021-03-02 06:32:18,581+0000 ProjectImport: CreateUsers:thread-1 WARN clevine 392x40945x1, /secure/admin/ProjectImportSummary.jspa [c.a.j.imports.project.DefaultProjectImportPersister] Could not create external user com.atlassian.jira.external.beans.ExternalUser@3a118485[id=10901,key=rk:73e4d64d-8777-4246-b012-eda8aee54e16,name=rk:73e4d64d-8777-4246-b012-eda8aee54e16,fullname=Former user,email=,password=<null>,passwordHash=<null>,mandatory=true,userPropertyMap={}]: Errors: {email=You must specify an email address.}
    Error Messages: []
2021-03-02 06:32:18,581+0000 ProjectImport: CreateUsers:thread-2 WARN clevine 392x40945x1, /secure/admin/ProjectImportSummary.jspa [c.a.j.imports.project.DefaultProjectImportPersister] Could not create external user com.atlassian.jira.external.beans.ExternalUser@34b47ccd[id=11586,key=rk:efc86118-8879-4455-87ca-a1b94c23ca6f,name=rk:efc86118-8879-4455-87ca-a1b94c23ca6f,fullname=Former user,email=,password=<null>,passwordHash=nopass,mandatory=true,userPropertyMap={}]: Errors: {email=You must specify an email address.}
    Error Messages: []

## No Users have email addresses and the import fails below:

2021-03-02 06:32:18,690+0000 JiraTaskExecutionThread-116 ERROR clevine 392x40945x1 snmwa7, /secure/admin/ProjectImportSummary.jspa [c.a.j.imports.project.DefaultProjectImportService] The import was aborted because there were too many errors.


Jira needs to create the users but with no valid email address cannot create the users and the project import fails. 


Note the users that do not have valid email addresses as shown on the project import screen. 


  • Add email addresses to those users in the original environment and recreate the project backup. 
  • Unzip the project backup file and add email addresses to those users and reimport. 

Last modified on Mar 17, 2021


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