Prevent specific users from executing workflow transitions in Jira


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The purpose of this article is to explain how to prevent specific users, groups, or project roles from transitioning issues, either universally (all transitions) or specific transitions only.


There are two different approaches to accomplishing this. One blocks the execution of any transition on a certain project and the other "hides" transitions to which certain users don't have permission to execute.


You can choose to only allow certain users, groups, or project roles to perform transition on issues.

Jira 6.3 and above

As of Jira 6.3, a "Transition Issues" permission has been added, as described in JRA-11564 - Getting issue details... STATUS . The objective of implementing such permission is to allow Jira Administrators to fine-tune the users that have the ability to transition issues with ease.

Follow the steps below to configure the user groups or project roles that will have this permission.

  1. この権限を構成したいプロジェクトのプロジェクト管理ページに移動します。
  2. Click Permissions on the sidebar;
    (info) Another option is to configure a scheme directly so that it can be applied to more than one project. For that, go to Administration > Issues > Permission Schemes. See also our documentation
    Cloud: Managing project permissions
    Data Center: Managing project permissions
  3. On the top-right corner, open the Actions drop-down menu and click Edit Permissions;
    Cloud :         クラウド
    Data Center:Data Center
  4. Locate the Transition Issues permission (the last under the Issue Permissions section);
  5. 付与された権限を削除するか新しく権限を付与できます。

Earlier Versions of Jira

Within earlier versions of Jira, there is no permission that controls the ability to transition issues universally. Instead, each individual transition can be configured with a condition. See below the instructions for setting up Conditions on the transitions to be restricted.



  1. この権限を構成したいプロジェクトのプロジェクト管理ページに移動します。
  2. Click Workflows on the sidebar;
    (info) Another option is to configure a scheme or a specific workflow directly so that it can be applied to more than one project. For that, go to Administration > Issues > Workflow Schemes to configure schemes or Administration > Issues > Workflows to configure workflows.
  3. 編集したいワークフローの横の [編集] (または鉛筆アイコン) をクリックします。
  4. On the Text view, click the transition you want to configure the permissions;
    1. You will need to click on the transition (arrow) to configure the condition. Clicking on the status will not have any conditions to be configured
  5. [条件] タブで新しい条件を追加し、条件の一致対象としてすべての条件か一部の条件を選択します。
  6. ワークフローを公開します。

For more information on how to use workflow conditions please see

CloudWork with issue workflowsConfigure advanced issue workflows

Data CenterWorking with workflowsAdvanced workflow configuration

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