Pie Chart shows "Irrelevant" category in the chart


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When configuring a pie chart and selecting a field in the "Statistics Type" parameter (f.e. selecting a "Status"), the resulting pie chart contains a category "Irrelevant", but the source field does not contain this data (e.g. there is no issue with status "Irrelevant").


There are multiple custom fields with the same name as the one picked up in "Statistics Type" or with the name duplicating those of a standard Jira field. For example, there might be a custom field with the name "Status", and this is what is getting picked in the pie chart configuration instead of an issue status. Generally, "Irrelevant" category in statistics widget appear automatically if issues in the configured filter do not have any data for the statistics type selected.


Examine all available entries in the "Statistics Type" field and pick up another entry with the same name. Note that the entries are not alphabetically sorted (this is a known issue  JRASERVER-61819 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).


Rename conflicting custom fields and make sure their names do not duplicate each other or those of standard fields. When each field has a unique name, picking it up in the "Statistics Type" is easy, as it should be possible to just type in the full custom field name in the selector to make it select it automatically.

最終更新日 2021 年 4 月 1 日


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