Pie Chart Gadget showing Unknown as result


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Using pie chart gadget in the dashboard, there are a portion where it returns Unknown.

For eg: Pie Chart : Returned Filter based on Reporter

Result: Unknown = 5% (16 issues)

  1. Clicking on the unknown link which opens the issue search navigator, there are less issue shown here ( either no issue or lesser than the 6 issue stated)
  2. Should be showing user name instead of 'Unknown'


This is caused by there are issue that is holding obsolete data on the Reporter/Assignee field that is pointing to a user which is no longer in the system

  • If you manage to find the the 'Unknown' issue, you will notice that at the Reporter/Assignee field, the username is grayed out and wont be able to click it
  • This can be cause by a direct modification of cwd_user; by deleting the user directly from database
  • Deletion of user from external directory
  • Other unknown actions that lead to data integrity for the issues



  1. Jira を停止します。
  2. Perform the following in your database
  3. Replace XXXXX either with Reporter or Assignee column accordingly. 

    tip/resting Created with Sketch.

    Please perform a backup to your database prior to perform any modification to it.

    update jiraissue set XXXXX='' where lower(XXXXX) not in (select lower_user_name from cwd_user);
    eg: update jiraissue set reporter='' where lower(reporter) not in (select lower_user_name from cwd_user);
  4. Jira を起動します。
  5. Perform a full reindex
  6. You will notice that when you click on 'Unknown', the correct amount of issue is shown. Then, proceed to update the assignee or reporter field to a valid user manually or using bulk edit

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