Pie chart and project overview showing incorrect status count in JIRA


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Pie chart gadget and Status Summary at Project Overview shows incorrect status count for a given issue status.


This KB article may be useful if the problem shows the following characteristics:

  1. There is a missing status in both Pie Chart and Status Summary
  2. The missing status is being accounted in the status with incorrect number of issues

The inconsistency can be verified by a JQL search, since the search will return the correct number of issues for a given state.


The following screenshots were taken when the problem was in place:


The following screenshots were taken after the problem is resolved:


For some unknown reason there are two status with the same sequence number in the issuestatus database table.


    Each sequence number needs to have its own sequence number. Select the one of the doubled status and change it's sequence number to a number not used for any other status.

    The following SQL query should solve the problem:

  • UPDATE issuestatus SET sequence=(SELECT max(sequence)+1 FROM issuestatus) WHERE pname=<STATUS_NAME>;

    Please change <STATUS_NAME> in the above query to the correct status name you want it's sequence to be updated.

    データベースの変更を行う場合は必ず事前にバックアップを取得してください。可能な場合は、まずステージング サーバーで SQL コマンドの変更、挿入、更新、または削除を行うようにします。








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