Opened and Request count is 0 (or requests are missing) in the Customers page


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When opening the Customers page from a Service Management (Service Desk) project, we should be able to see the number of  opened and closed requests from each customer:

However, under some conditions, these numbers might be displayed as "0" for all the customers, or these numbers might be lower than what they should be as some requests are not counted:

Root Cause

There are 3 known root causes for this type of behavior:

  • Root cause 1:
    • The requests that are not listed in that page do not have a Customer Request Type set
  • Root cause 2:
    • The Resolution field is set to hidden in the Field Configuration Scheme associated to the project
    • This issue is tracked in the bug  JSDSERVER-5485 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Root cause 3:
    • The Customer Request Type field has been manually translated to a different language after being unlocked following the KB article Unlock a locked Jira Software custom field
    • In such case, if a user changes their own profile language to the language where the field was translated, the number of Opened/Closed requests will be shown as "0" for this user
    • This issue tracked in the bug  JSDSERVER-7098 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • For Cause 1:
    • Open any request that is missing from the Customers page, using the agent view URL <JIRA_BASE_URL>/browse/<ISSUE_KEY>
    • Take a look at the Customer Request Type field.
    • If it is showing as No Match, then you are impacted by this root cause (move to the Resolution → Root Cause 1 section)
  • For Cause 2:
    • Go to the Field Configuration Scheme that is associated to the Service Management Project
      • To find this scheme, go to the page Project Settings > Fields, and click on the edit (pencil) icon
    • Look for the Resolution field in this Field Configuration Scheme
    • If you see the word Show next to this field, then it means that this field is hidden
    • In this case, you are impacted by this root cause (move to the Resolution → Root Cause 2 section)
  • For Cause 3:
    • Go to ⚙ > Issues > Custom Fields, and click on ⚙ > View next to the Customer Request Type field
    • Note the custom field ID at the end of the URL <JIRA_BASE_URL>/secure/admin/ConfigureCustomField!default.jspa?customFieldId=XXXXX
    • Run the following query in the Database to see if there is a translation for this field:

      select * from propertyentry where property_key like 'jira.translation.custom.fieldcustomfield%'
    • Check if the query returns a row that includes the custom field ID and the locale corresponding to the language for which the number of opened/closed requests is 0  (for example, de_DE corresponds to the German language). Below is only an example:

    • If you do find a row, you are impacted by this root cause. Note the value from the id column, as it will be needed for the resolution of this root cause (move to the Resolution → Root Cause 3 section)


For Cause 1:

  • Set the Customer Request Type of the impacted request to a non empty value

For Cause 2:

  • From the Field Configuration Scheme page, click on the Show button next to the Resolution field, so that it is no longer hidden

  • Run a full re-index in your Jira instance

For Cause 3:

  • Jira を停止します。
  • (warning) Backup your Jira Database
  • Run the following SQL query, using the ID found during the diagnosis of this root cause:

    delete from propertyentry where id = '<id_found_in_the_previous_steps>';
  • Start jira

If the problem persists, or if the query from the diagnosis step did not return any row, please reach out to Atlassian Support via

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