Migrate from Jira Data Center to Jira server


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


サーバー製品と Data Center 製品の重要な変更

アトラシアンでは新しいサーバー ライセンスの販売を終了しました。また、サーバー製品のサポートは 2024 年 2 月 15 日に終了します。Data Center については複数の主要な改善を含め、投資を継続いたします。変更の内容については、こちらでご確認ください。

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If you migrated from Jira Server to Jira Data Center earlier, and would like to migrate back to Jira Server, then this article is for you. Basically we're going to revert what we do in Installing Jira Data Center.

1. Preparation

  1. Make sure Jira Data Center is running well
  2. Assume that there're 2 nodes and node1 is going to serve as Jira Server (node2 being shut down for good)
  3. Inform users of the migration and take an XML backup from node1
  4. Shut down all the nodes and back up the database
  5. Back up the JIRA_Install and Local_Home directories of node1
  6. If you plan to use a Jira Server license, ensure the license is ready for the right product/s

2. Migration steps

  1. Delete the following folders from the Local_Home of node1

    • data
    • plugins
    • logos
    • import
    • export
  2. Copy the following folders from the Shared_Home to the Local_Home of node1

    • data
    • plugins
    • logos
    • import
    • export
  3. In the Local_Home of node1, rename cluster.properties to something else e.g. bak.cluster.properties (so that JIRA won't start as Data Center)

  4. Reconfigure JIRA_Install/conf/server.xml where necessary

  5. Reconfigure the proxy/load balancer so that it will only communicate with node1, according to the connection details in server.xml
  6. Restart node1

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    Provided that server.xml and proxy/load balancer have been properly re/configured, JIRA should be accessible via the same URL. And node1 is now a JIRA Server instance.

3. Post-migration checks

  1. Once Jira is up and running, check and ensure the followings are in good states:
    • attachments
    • avatars
    • logos
    • add-ons
  2. Go to Jira Administration → Applications → Versions & licenses → Apply Jira Server license
    node2 must not be started again, until its Local_Home/dbconfig.xml is removed or configured to connect to a different database

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