JQL Searching on the new Sprint field instead of fixVersion


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When configuring a JQL query to show issues in a specific sprint, the fixVersion was used until 5.8.5. After the introduction and full implementation of the Rapid Boards, sprint information moved to it's own field.


JQL that would filter by Sprint does not, and is only able to filter by fixVersion (as reported by JIRA).


This is caused by a change to the JIRA database schema, in which the Sprint custom field (created specific for Greenhopper) was created and superseded the use of the fixVersion for storing this data.


Greenhopper 6.1.3 added the feature to query for sprints based on sprint name instead of the ID. 

GreenHopper 6.1.3 Release Notes

(info) Greenhopper 6.1.2 and before will have to still query by sprint ID.

  1. Go to an issue that has been assigned to the sprint and highlight over the Active Sprint: <sprint name>
  2. Look at the link that pops up in the lower left hand of the screen (Firefox) and the sprint number is the sprintID at the end of the string.
  3. Then in JQL use: Sprint=<sprintID>
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