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Some issues are not displayed on a Kanban Board even though they are displayed in the filter that is being used in the board when viewed directly in the Issue Navigator.


  1. Navigate to the General Configuration of the Kanban board (Agile > "Your Kanban Board" > Board > Configure > General).
  2. Verify if the Kanban board sub-filter is being used.
  3. Append the sub-filter to the Filter Query in the Issue Navigator and verify if the issue is still displayed.
  4. If it is no longer displayed, please refer to the Cause and Workaround sections below.


By default all Kanban boards have the following sub-filter, which will prevent any issues without a Fix Version field to be hidden from the board:

fixVersion in unreleasedVersions() OR fixVersion is EMPTY

This happens because any fields that are hidden as per Hiding or showing a field in a issue type are not considered for search results, and in this example the fixVersion is not empty nor unreleased as it doesn't exist for this project/issue type.


If the problem is happening due to a hidden field, you can:

  • Adjust the Kanban board sub-filter to not consider the fixVersion for these particular issues. For example:

    fixVersion in unreleasedVersions() OR fixVersion is EMPTY OR (project = MyProject AND type = 'Sub-task')
  • Or make the field available for the project as described in Hiding or showing a field and re-index JIRA.

If the problem is happening due to other search criteria, adjust the Kanban board sub-filter so it won't filter out those issues.

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