JIRA Sample File - Test Case Management


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


This sample file lets you play around with a real instance of JIRA that has been setup for test case management.


Do you have a test instance of JIRA already installed and setup?

Back up your current site, as installing the sample file permanently erases all your existing content.

If you do not have a test site set up, download a fully featured evaluation of JIRA. New users should follow the instructions there to generate a trial license, while existing customers can use a developer license instead. Then follow the install guide to get JIRA up and running.

Install Instructions

  1. Download our sample file. This is an XML data export.
  2. Import the sample file using our instructions for restoring a site backup. If you've just installed your JIRA application, then skip straight to the Restoring XML Data section of the guide.
  3. Log in with username admin and password password to begin.


You may see an error stating the following:

The index path <path> specified in the backup file is not valid.

In this case, please select the "reimport using default paths" link displayed above the error.

Login Details

There are accounts for an Administrator (admin), QA Lead (qalead) and Tester (tester). All passwords are password.

Other Sample Files

Test case management is just one of many ways you can use your JIRA application to manage projects. See also:

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