Jira installation Fails in Windows OS, "The Control port you have chosen appears to be in use"


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During a Jira installation in a Windows Environment, when attempting to define the ports used by the application, there's an error message:

2021-06-09 08_45_58-VSAUATJIRA01.png


Windows OS


Other application is already listening on the TCP port


We have to identify which process is using the desired port. Run the following steps on a CMD prompt:

netstat -ano

The netstat command shows the ports currently available on the system, the additional parameters will make it easier to identify the process (PID) currently listening to it, adding the | findstr <portNumber> will filter out the results, showing only the desired port:


In this example, we see that the port 8005 (default value for Control port) is used by process with PID 4


One way to identify the process with the above PID is to use the tasklist command, which will show all currently running processes in the system, you may filter results same as before, using | findstr <PID>

System 4 Services 0 140 K

For this example, we see that PID 4 belong to SYSTEM process, the use of port 8005 in Windows OS by this process can be linked to the service SMS Agent Host and it's related to process CcmExec, these are part of System Center Configuration Manager, this application is commonly used to manage Windows Environments.

To avoid the modifying SCCM configuration, our recommendation would be to choose another available port to use for Control/Shutdown, or reach out to your local Windows support team and ask for further assistance.

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