JIRA Displays an Error Banner about the Base URL


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  1. JIRA may display a yellow ribbon at the top of the main dashboard screen with the error message "JIRA's base URL is set to <<address>>, but you are accessing Jira from <<same address>>. Click here to fix this problem.".
  2. JIRA can also display broken avatars in Activity Stream and create malformed links to its issues.



This error is most often caused by the below:

  • A reverse-proxy or load-balancer has not been configured as required when offloading HTTPS.
  • The Base URL is not correct, as in Configuring JIRA Options.
  • Context path under <jira-install>/conf/server.xml is not correct.


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  1. Make sure that the base URL is correctly set and this same address is reachable from the same server. JIRA's gadgets will proxy themselves, so it must be able to communicate to itself.
  2. Ensure that the appropriate configuration has been applied as in our Integrating JIRA with Apache using SSL documentation, specifically proxyName, proxyPort and scheme.
  3. Make sure that the Proxy or Load balancer is properly configured to the same base URL as JIRA.

(info) Please keep proxyName value in lower-case and must match the Base URL of the JIRA instance. For example, a proxyName of ServerName will not match a Base URL of http://servername.com. To fix this, change the proxyName to servername.com

Disable the Warning

Although not recommended, you can disable the warning by disabling the Jira Base URL plugin with the following steps. 

  • Navigate to Manage Apps -> All Applications -> Jira Base URL Plugin
  • Click disable
  • Jira を再起動します。
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